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To Goose

Hey, bra. Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

'Cause first thing tomorrow you start basic training.
[Private to Orange Star]
Hey dudes, we got us a new recruit. Goose enlisted.

[Private to Rachel]
So, uh... You an' me. Prom. You game?
Hey, um... So I was thinkin', you wanna go out with me some time? Just the two of us? Every time we try to get comfy, something bugs us, an' I want to just do something special, you and me.

To Hawke [Private level 1]

Hey, dude. I talked to Hachi. He said it's cool.

Mar. 14th, 2011

I taste metal.

The hell was I DOING last week?

Hey, Orange Star...

What a shame... I'm so sorry to you, Orange Star.

Sorry that it wasn't my doing.


I'm getting tired of this waiting. Rachel, how are the rebuilding efforts coming along? I am not accustomed to this... sedentary lifestyle.

Private to Rachel

Hey, Rachel, Valentines Day is comin' up and all, so...

You wanna go out?
[On sunday, Jake decided he had enough of the angst going on.  So he decided to do something about it, as only he could.

He hijacked the PA system.]

Mornin', bras and bradettes!  It's the last weekend before Christmas, so I hope y'all got your stuff bought and decorations up!  Now stay tuned, since DJ Orange Star's gonna get you into the spirit!  Call in with requests, and hear 'em on the air!  First up, we got a nice classic movie track, so sit back and feel the love!